Sarepta in Sarata Galbena – a haven with daily routines.

-We are so grateful to the local congregation and Pastor Viktor Kulyak. This is the very foundation of our hope for the future, says Pastor Polinkevich Andrey from Odesa, Ukraine.

He expresses tremendous gratefulness for the opportunity for the refugees to be in this safe area, far away from the ravages of war in the neighboring country…

-Since Polinkevich Andrey is a leader at home, it is natural that he works as a leader here, says Pastor Viktor Kulyak. The most common question the refugees have to him is this:

-How long must we be here and when is all this over?

The other question that is just as difficult is how it goes with their husband and relatives back home in Odessa. This makes them stressed and gives the most concern to both mothers and children.

Daily activity Pastor Polinkevich Andrey says that the congregation has already organized it so that work tasks are distributed, the children go to school, and those who can contribute with work do so.

There is a composite group of refugees here right now, school psychologists, housewives, teachers, construction workers, drivers, people from different social organizations, an electrician.

Spiritual understanding

Pastor Polinkevich Andrey is concerned about the refugees ‘understanding of the situation and constantly refers to the Bible and Jesus’ words about trials and difficulties to come.

– We say that this is according to the descriptions of the prophets. What is happening now, Jesus has already said something about it on several occasions. And Jesus shows us what the goal of the future is. In one verse Jesus says that I have told you that this will happen, so when it does, you will have peace. Jesus says he has won over the world, be strong! Difficulties, struggles, and temptations we can face everywhere in all countries, but our faith is the hope attached to Jesus because he is our Lord and Savior, says Pastor Polinkevich Andrey.

The future

-The big and difficult question in the future. How long will we stay and where will we travel? Sometimes we talk about it and most people want this nightmare of a dream to pass and that we can go back. That is our wish, but we do not know if it will happen, says Pastor Polinkevich Andrey.

He says that some appear to have a stone heart, but on the other hand, some pray to God for the first time in their lives. As one of them said to him: – Through the war, we are all believers, then no one reaches out and we need help.

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