Combining extreme stunts with powerful preaching in new series

Our friends at TX Vikings; the bodybuilding, stunt performing, and God-preaching team is out with a new TV-series – this time under the title “Evangelistic Hardcore Meets”.

-Who are we? We are Team Extreme Vikings. We used to travel all over Europe to spread the Gospel through powerful stunts and strong preaching, Thure Eriksen, The leader of the Norwegian-based group states in the show’s introduction.


Strong interviews

This time, Eriksen is having a conversation with men who may not be as physically strong, but still shares the same dedication to the Lord, nonetheless.


In the series first episode, Eriksen invites the American-born preacher, David Buck Hudson, in for a conversation about his background and experiences with God.

-When you move to Scandinavia as an American, everything feels different…amidst of all this, God is the same, Hudson states.


Available for free

The series has successfully 5 episodes with more to come in the future. Every episode of TX Vikings new series and many more programs are available for free on

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