TV Vision Heaven mission is to Unite Christians for the Mission of Reaching the World with the Good News of the Gospel through Media.

Tv Vision Heaven is an extension of the Norwegian Christian channel Vision Norge which launched in 2003. We aim to reach as many people as possible and are therefore broadcasting 24 hours each day as to be available to all people throughout every time zone.

When you tune into TV Vision Heaven you will be met with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in many ways, including the practical use of the Bible`s teachings in words and actions at all hours – regardless of your local time.

An important and integrated part of preaching the Gospel is to keep true to our integrity of uncompromising support and love for Israel and the Jews as Gods chosen people. We first started our mission with the aim of a reformed Scandinavia where the Word of God would no longer be limited to churches and other places of worship, but also have significant impact on business practices, politics and culture. After we launched TV Vision Heaven, we extended this aim to every English-speaking nation. This is the essence of our values and aims of which we are highly devoted to here at TV Vision Heaven.

The network is primarily founded trough private donations from our faithful givers who share our vision of spreading the good news with every person created in Gods image. Our network is in constant growth. Our teams include both full-time employees and several volunteers who are both of paramount importance. Our work consists of, but are not limited to TV and radio broadcasts, places of worship, humanitarian and spiritual support to impoverished people and those in need; everything we do is for our dedication to the Lord.


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